Daniel Dae Kim’s Reaction To Series Finale

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Finale Spoiler Poll – Which 3 Of These Things Will Happen In The Finale

Bandar Ceme OnlineAlthough we had to remove some recent spoilers after ABC asked us to I thought we’d get a bit of a drought of spoilers….. ha, not likely 😉

The poll below, hidden under an Are You Sure button, will contain 3 things that will happen in the finale along with a number of things that won’t. We will NOT be removing items from this poll, so it is what it is.

Be interesting to see how accurate your votes are when we look back in a couple of months.

Finale Filming Report – 31St March

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Finale Spoiler – Emotional Scene

Bandar Ceme OnlineUpdate: 2nd April Just bumping this as some people thought this was an April Fools, which it is NOT. This is a scene from the script.

Update: 12:45 Another source has just provided us with a few more details.

Thanks to one of my contacts for the following.

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Daniel Dae Kim Interview With Parade

Bandar Ceme OnlineHere is an interview with Daniel with some gosip on the Finale.

Cast Interview With Ny Post

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Daniel Dae Kim’s Interview Regarding The Series Finale

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