Enhanced Recovery Protocol Colorectal Surgery

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As regards complications, the specific role of certain combinations of analgesia regimens needs to be investigated in future. He and his colleagues in the national bariatric surgery accreditation program will lead that rollout effort for bariatric surgery.

Quality of life at home at satisfaction of patient after enhanced recovery protocol of colorectal surgery. Additionally, and enhance mobilization after colon or rectal surgery, this was a retrospective review performed in a single centre. Postoperative mortality was similar in both groups. In the postoperative period early mobilization and early diet advancements were strongly supported by our ERAS team. Enhanced recovery programs aim to minimize ileus and facilitate immediate feeding and mobilization on the day of surgery. Guillou PJ, Hubner M, Atance Martínez JC.

Effect of the volume of fluids administered on intraoperative oliguria in laparoscopic bariatric surgery. To stent or not to stent perioperatively the ureteroileal anastomosis of ileal orthotopic bladder substitutes and ileal conduits? Before AE took over the anesthesia department was described by the surgeons as the worst in the history of our hospital. Preoperative mechanical bowel preparation in elective colorectal surgery.

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